Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Johannah

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow. Johannah will be 20! Ever since she was born I told her she was a "miracle baby". I feel very blessed to have had this experience. Twenty eight years ago when I was diagnosed with oncologist asked me, "Do you have any questions?" The only question I had was, "Will I be able to have children?" Ten months of radiation and chemotherapy my chances were slim.....but miracles do happen. She is one of my miracles. Happy Birthday!

Can you deliver it to Roxy's?

I was asked by a friend to make a cake for her husband's 40th birthday party and deliver the cake. This cake was delicous! I never taste my cakes I make for people....I was invited to the party and it made it easy for the delivery. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed the next day.....sad story. It wasn't the cake it was the $25,000/month rent that closed the restaurant. Can you imagine paying that for rent? In the suburbs? Yikes.

My Top Ten List

A good woman is hard to find...When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say. -Proverbs 31:10, 26
That is how I would describe my friend Charlene.
10. Surround yourself with people who build you up.
9. Take care of your body.
8. You make your decisions-but then your decisions make you.
7. Pray about everything.
6. Never make an important decision when you are tired or hungry.
5. Take time to decide what is worth doing, then do it with your whole heart and with excellence.
4. Call home.
3. Live simply.
2. Give more.
1. Love God.

Twenty Five Years!

Celebrating our 25th anniversary and still smiling! My mother and father are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary in three days. Fran (my father) told us that the next 25 years are the easy years. I'll take your words of wisdom and continue to follow in mom and dad's footsteps.

Cakes Etc.,

Purchasing Cake Supplies at my favorite store.
Cakes Etc., in West Palm Beach on Military. It is like walking into a candy store.....I would rather purchase from this store than Michaels. Support a woman business owner anyday. That's my motto.

Celebration Cooking

Oops, if you want the recipe for the most delicous carrot can purchase on Amazon or Authorhouse. I published the recipe and others just for you. People have asked me for this recipe for twenty three years and I decided it was time to share it. You maybe asking yourself, "What took her so long?" I always thought of mass production like Mrs. Fields and the recipe had to be a secret....but her cookie recipe isn't.

Learning How To Skype

This is me learning how to Skype. Do you know that schools, libraries and museums are interviewing authors on Skype? I've mastered my camera! Hip, Hip, Horray!


This is one of the treasures I have saved from a little girl in my audience during an author visit! It was on Valentines Day. How appropriate! I love children and their treasures they draw. It is a keepsake.

Buddy Reading Program

It was the opportunity I had reading with the Buddy Reading Program that birthed my baby...
"Johannah's Lazy Eye". Thanks to the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County and hiring me for the position. The kids inspired me to write a story about a special need. Eyesight. "Johannah's Lazy Eye", is a year old. April 1st I received my first book off of the press. My favorite book to read to children!

First Cake

This was my first cake a customer ever ordered. He was a pilot and retiring. They called and asked, "Can you make a cake for a retirement party for Monday?"
My first attempt to make fondant. Easy recipe:
Marshmellows and confection sugar with water. You mix it and knead it like bread. I just remember how nervous I was wondering if it would arrive in one piece for the party.
I heard a year was delicous and it had a safe landing.

Carrot Cake Recipe

This is a photo of my most favorite cake decorating students. Johannah Birney! My inspiration. I decided to give Johannah a lesson on fondant. Underneath, this beautiful gift is a brownie cake. Since teaching Johannah how to decorate this cake for a Christmas party we hosted I've taught 150 other students how to decorate cakes. Currently, I am teaching a class with Adult Education at Palm Springs Middle School on Monday Evenings. Life is sweet!